Saturday, August 2, 2008

Travel & London

So today we reached London after about 24 hours of me being up! I currently am surviving on about 3 hours of sleep from the plane. Luckily they had Ironman as one of the movie options. We arrived and promptly got on the Tube. It was nice and comfortable for awhile, but then it got packed. We were worried we wouldn't be able to get off the Tube! However things were fine and we walked to hour hotel, St. Athan's in London near Hyde Park. After wandering around all 4 stories for about 20 minutes we finally found our rooms. They were in no way shape or form in numerical order. And we have communal bathrooms. Oh well it's nice to have place to unpack and stay for a little. Then we went exploring and found a pub. I had a pint of Foster's and it was delicious. I also got to have a shot called "Duck Farts" It was pretty good! The whole pub thing was really chill and fun. Tomorrow we have a walking tour of London down by the Thames it should be good and then we are headed to church somewhere around here. All is well. We are safe and happy and excited for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to update again soon!!

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