Monday, August 25, 2008

Edinburgh cont'd.

Well we are back in Edinburgh once more. I did manage to get a top bunk this time, so I'm not freaking out about the mouse attacking. Small blessings.

We said farewell to Keith on Friday and in honor of Iris' birthday, he came out dancing with us. It was awesome. That guy has got some moves. I'm glad that Rick has joined us and I'm looking forward to his class, but we all wish that Keith could stay a little longer. Oh well, I will be in the Core 150 powerpoint on the Celtic influence.

Two days ago I got to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo with Ashley (well sort of). It was amazing. Think of the best marching band you have ever seen and multiply it by a thousand, oh and add bagpipes. I really enjoyed it and it brought me back to the old days of marching band at Anderson.

Yesterday I got to see a couple plays. Rick recommended this dance parody show, so we all bought tickets and went. It was....interesting to say the least. I don't think I have ever seen so much of a man's body before. It was a bit scarring, but also hilarious. Not what I was expecting, for sure. We had an awkward hour in between the dance show and our next play so we went to coffee (a vanilla steamer for me) at Elephant House. This was where most of the first Harry Potter book was written. It was pretty crowded, but my steamer was delicious and we just got to chill for a little bit. And then we went to see Titus of Andronicus. It was really really intense and depressing. Not exactly how I wanted to end my night, but eh, theater is an experience.

Today we had class for a little in the corridor of the hostel, and then headed out to see about tattoos. I've been thinking about getting the Gaelic for perseverance on my ankle for a while, but I didn't really know what all it entailed. I'm still considering it, but it definitely won't be happening til we get back to the states. It's a forever kind of decision, and I don't want to make it on the fly.

Then we journeyed to the Edinburgh book fair to potentially Sean Connery. Basically we saw him at close range and even sang Happy Birthday to him. It was really funny. He came out and kind of brushed people off (not in a rude way though) and was hurrying out. Then he saw the complimentary whiskey and stopped to grab like 4 bottles. Hee. So yes, we have now met James Bond. Afterwards we just kept repeating "We just met Sean Connery!"

It began to rain so we ran for the nearest H&M (Dani you would be proud). I got some much needed articles of clothing. We are all kind of readjusting the wardrobes as we figure out what is actually needed. It's funny because we are definitely the most unfashionable people here, but I'm guessing by the time I get back to the States, I will finally be a trendy person. Gasp.

Tonight we are going to see a play called 365 which is about the foster care system in Scotland. I'm kind of psyched about it. That's roughly the field I'm interested in and I'm intrigued to see what the system is like here in Scotland.

Well that is all on the blogging front for now. Tomorrow we have off and Wednesday we head for Glasgow, then Aberystwyth (Wales!) and Cardiff. I don't know what internet will be like in those cities but hopefully I can update again soon.

Love and miss you all (especially if you took the time to read all this)

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