Monday, August 4, 2008

Wesley House, St. Pauls, and Les Miserables!

Today was particularly awesome. I discovered that I could order just scrambled eggs for breakfast, which is far more appetizing. We headed to the Wesley house and chapel (home of John and Charles Wesley). It was really neat and helped me understand William Wilberforce (the guy I researched) a little better. Unfortunately I got my paper back and I only did ok on it. It's not the end of the world, but that's one of the papers I put more effort into so I'm a little nervous. After the tours we went to the Dunhill Dissenter's cemetery. It was really interesting. I saw William Blake's grave (he wrote Tyger, Tyger for my fellow middle school choir friends). I also got to see the grave of Daniel Defoe of Robinson Crusoe fame.

After a quick lunch in the Financial District (hello cute English boys in suits) we hiked to St.Paul's Cathedral. We climbed a grand total of 557 steps to reach the top and an amazing view of London. It was sweaty and a little scary, but totally worth it. About halfway up there was a Whispering Gallery where you could literally put your ear on the wall on one side and hear people talking across the gallery. It was freaky!

Then we were free for the afternoon. Claire, Ashley, and I decided we wanted to see a musical so after much searching we got 15 pound restricted view tickets to Les Miserables!! However, the people next to us didn't show up, so we actually had pretty sweet seats. It was amazing. I really liked the music, though I was definitely rooting for Epamine (probably butchered but I didn't want to pay 7 pounds for a program) over Cosette. And now I've seen Les Mis in London. (Mom and Dad---I saw the theater where we saw Mamma Mia too!) Then we took the Tube back to St. Athan's. We got asked for directions by some guys on the way back which was a good sign.

Tomorrow we are headed to Westminster Abbey and the British Library. I think I am going to try to spend the afternoon in the British Museum. Tomorrow I might try and see if I can upload a couple pictures to Facebook. I've already taken over 100! I miss yall, but it is pretty awesome here. Except for the showers. They are communal in our hotel and they make Arend look like a 5 star hotel.

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Josh said...

Excuse me, Devin. Arend, in general, IS IN FACT a five star hotel. :)