Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pre-BISP Thoughts #1

I leave for Seattle early Friday morning. This Friday morning. Summer is officially over. Weird. I'm excited to go off and have adventures, but I'm also sad to be leaving behind my family and some pretty amazing friends, both in Austin and Spokane. I have a considerable amount of work to do this week before I leave (not including packing) and so many people I want to see and things I want to do (and things I want to eat..mmm...Chuy's & Kerbey Lane). I feel almost like I did before the beginning of RA training last year. I am excited for the future, excited for the excitement, and excited for the adventure. I also am scared that I won't be able to handle it and scared that it will stretch me in painful ways (those are the best ways, in my opinion after the fact).

It's going to be great and it's going to be hard. Probably all the best experiences in life have a little bit of both.

I'm gonna try to keep this updated regularly throughout the trip, though it might sometimes be repeats from the facebook group updates. Keep checking in. I miss you already.


Elizabeth Moreno said...

I can't wait to read about your adventures, Devin! Good luck with all the pre-trip craziness and I can't wait to see you soon!

Danielle said...

Devin! I have officially added your blog to my Bookmarks Bar and look forward to keeping tabs on all the exciting places you go and things you do. I was in England in January and already want to go back so badly. Have an AMAZING time!


PS If you ever find yourself in Leicester Square some night around dinner time, pop into The Mermaid's Tale for some fabulous (though pricey) fish & chips. If you're lucky you'll get an amazing waiter with a crazy accent from Chechnya or something exotic! If you want something a little more sketch, hit up The Crooked Surgeon... heehee

ginnybobinny said...

horray! a blog! also, if you are ever near kent (england) and the town of harrietsham, you could visit my hilarious and tatooed (great?) aunt marj and uncle keith at their home called chalkhouse. nice. have so much fun!!!!! and take pictures of the (rare?!) hot english dudes you find. you can awkwardly stop them in the street and say "hey i was checking you out and decided you were hot and therefore i need your picture. do you mind?" ahaha!!! love and tickles devin!