Monday, September 8, 2008


We are back in London! Yay! St. Athan's is great now that we have been to the West End and the nasty place in Cardiff. They give us towels, and there are only four of us in a room. A room with a sink in it and that doesn't smell disgusting! Plus we get real eggs for breakfast. Never believe the powdered ones are ok.

The Tube is also wonderful. We still walk a ton, but London is simply too big to just walk around. The Tube makes it wonderful. Yesterday we went to church at a Catholic church (except they had Anglican communion), the service was beautiful and the choir was really awe-inspiring. Then we tried to go to Mamma Mia, but apparently they do not do shows on Sundays. Oops. Tonight we are trying to go to Wicked! Also, the play I was in in high school, 6 Characters in Search of an Author is playing here so I might try to go see that soon.

We are all feeling the stress/wearing-out feeling of travelling. Everyone is pretty much ready for Fall Break. Calli and I are staying at a YMCA in Bath and we get free use of their workout facilities, so we will be working out and working on prep for our Poli-Sci class pretty much the entire time we are there! There's also a Jane Austen festival with a formal ball! It might be expensive, but we still really want to go.

I can't believe I've been here for 5 weeks! By the end of this week we will be half-way through the semester! Mostly I miss Whitworth and home a lot. I really miss people!I can't wait to be at both the places I miss in November. I'm looking forward to hugs, cheesecake chai and Harry Potter a whole lot. Plus RA-ness shirts :)

Love and miss you all.

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