Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Break:Bath

Hey so you poor saps that just started school and were laughing at me while I slaved over homework at Starbucks this summer? Start crying, because we are halfway done with our semester! We took our final on Thursday and Fall Break began on Friday.

Calli and I caught a train to Bath (we're big kids now!) and checked into our hostel. It has a party dungeon. Enough said. Bath however, is gorgeous. It reminds a lot of York. Really beautiful and a little quaint. Yesterday we checked into the 'Rap' room on the highest level of the hostel and explored a little. We read in the bookstore for awhile and found some dinner at Wetherspoons which is an English chain. There are actually a ton of these Yates/Edwards/Wetherspoons/Prince of Wales/whatever places. They all have the same menu and everything. Then we watched a horrible adaptation of Merlin on a VHS player at the hostel. It was BAD.

Today we stopped by the Jane Austen Center (yay!) and saw the Royal Crescent (as seen in the movie The Duchess, which we saw today). Then we spent another three hours in the bookstore around here reading and drinking coffee. It's glorious. Tonight we went to dinner at California Kitchen and I bought some French's mustard and had a frankly glorious burger with real mustard. I felt like such a nerd, but it was REALLY tasty! I missed mustard a lot. The stuff here is so horseradish-y that it makes me cry.

We are all getting pretty homesick, both for the people and for the conveniences. Like showering barefoot or sleeping in. Ahhh.. Tomorrow we move to our private room (!!!) at the YMCA and our free gym access. We are going to take a walking tour and book our tour of Stonehenge (only £14!) and then workout. Pretty much we are planning on working out, sleeping in, eating good food, reading good books (I need to finish Great Expectations), reading school books, and exploring the wonderful town of Bath.

Starting Friday there is a Children's Book Festival and the Jane Austen Festival going on here so we should have a busy weekend. It looks like we might get to take dancing lessons! It's going to be awesome. We miss you. We love you. Write us.

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ginnybobinny said...

what address should i write to? for both of you. woot. and your fall break in bath sounds amazing. we (my family and i) briefly went to bath one day and saw the old roman bathhouse- did you go? oh fun. i LOVE reading your blog by the way, so very descriptive and makes me very happy and at peace! :-)