Saturday, September 20, 2008

The end of an era

Well Fall Break is almost over and I'm sad to see it go. We've had an absolute blast in Bath. And by blast I mean a mellow time where we got to read and hang out and not deal with drama or anything.

Two days ago we went to Stonehenge through a tour. A lot of people had told me it was really disappointing, but I thought it was actually really neat. There's not a super magical feeling of just being there or anything, but it is beautiful and mysterious. I was very impressed and besides all that, who goes to Britain for four months and doesn't see Stonehenge?!

I have read so much on this break. So far the tally is: The Time Traveler's Wife, The Constant Gardener, Great Expectations, Persuasion (Jane Austen), and a biography of Paula Radcliffe. I miss reading when we are constantly on the move and it was nice to be able to purchase large books and read them while we are here.

Yesterday was intense workout day for me and Calli. To get a one day pass to the gym cost £5 (roughly $10) so we wanted to make it worth it. So we went after breakfast for an hour and a half and after lunch for another hour. Whew we are feeling it today. It was really nice to use weights and machines and all that stuff though. I always feel better physically and emotionally after working out.

Last night Calli and I went out to the pubs in Bath. It was...interesting. There was the prerequisite creeper (though especially creepy and sleepy? I think this time). There was also this huge obnoxious group that Calli thought were Americans. They were dancing on tables (not allowed) and just making a huge commotion. This morning we saw them at breakfast at the Y. They are in fact Americans and they are college students from the states. I felt really embarassed! I guess I understand where a lot of the negative stereotypes come from now. Our group at it's wildest would never ever be so obnoxious!

The other day at breakfast we were also talking about the different priorities that British have over Americans. It's important to them that food be Fairtrade and organic. They really look outside their own country. It is a selling point to have Fairtrade, healthy food. Plus their 'fast food' is yummy sandwiches and salads that you can get at Marks and Spencers (kind of like a Super Target mixed with Macy's) for cheap. They also love McDonald's which are surprisingly nice over here. Not that we have eaten at them. We are not that gross.

There is currently a lot of financial and political turmoil over here as several very large companies have failed (including a travel agency that left thousands stranded in foreign countries) so prayers would be welcome for all the people over here. Silver lining speaking: It will be awesome when we get to sit in on Parliament because exciting stuff will be happening.

Love you!

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ginnybobinny said...

how would this creeper be acting sleepy? also i'm interested on how the creepers there seem to swoop upon you girlies. at a dance club here they circle ad circle (and grab) like vultures. ina very creepy manner.

oh but yes stonehenge is mind boggling! those stones are HUGE!

and props for you for the amazing workout. work those endorphines! work it work it! (i miss working out with you!!!)